Folder structure

The "content > documents" view shows an administration folder and a folder for each Grandvision banner (like MultiOpticas and io-whitelabel).

A user with domain restrictions will only see the folder for their Grandvision banner. i.e they will only see the MultiOpticas folder. This will work the same for the "content > images" and "content > assets" view.

Within the Grandvision banner there can exist a language separation on the first level when a banner wants to support multi-language. For example within the MultiOpticas folder there could be a "pt" and a "en" folder to be able to separate Portuguese and English content for the same website. This is currently not the case for MultiOpticas.

As an editor you are free to add folders and organize them as you see fit. There are some folders and content that shouldn't be changed or deleted, but this will be clarified in the following sections.