Channel manager general usage

The channel manager environment is where authors and editors can create new pages or edit existing ones and fill them with content through the usage of drag and drop components or content pages. This page will give a general introduction on how to use the different features of the channel manager.

Sidebar navigation

The sidebar on the left side of the page displays the individual segments of the channel manager. The features you will be using the most are Channels and Content.


This view let's you browse the channels or GrandVision banners which are available to you. These will typically be the banner you are assigned to and one or more whitelabel channels.

After selecting a channel you will be redirected to a preview of the banner of your choice. In this view of the channel manager you can create or edit pages by clicking the icon next to 'Channel' in the top left corner. A sidebar will open showing the available sitemaps and components.



Finally you can also change the Channels' settings in this sidebar. Click 'Channel > Settings' to open a new page.

On this page you can configure an image (logo) to be displayed in the static header of every page. You can also configure the static page to be used as a template. This should always be set to the Store document which can be found in the 'Common > Static documents' folder.


The center part of the Channels-view let's you interact with a preview of the website. Here you can drag and drop components or edit the menus and content documents that are already in place.

It is also possible to jump to this preview-channel directly from the content documents. To do this click 'view' and then select the opco you want to view. In the example below this is the io-whitelabel site.


The content section of the channel manager is where you will find the folder structure and it's contents. Here you can create content documents and upload image and asset files. Use the dropdown menu at the top to switch between content categories.

Note: for more in-depth information on how to use the channel manager or how to create or edit specific types of pages and content please refer to the other sections of the documentation.