Brand pages

URL name: brands

The brands folder should not be renamed or deleted. Within the brands folder you can create documents that will be used for your brand overview and list components.

Brand documents are a type of content document. Aside from text fields a brand document let's you add a variety of components such as banners or a video player. More on the usage of components in content documents can be found here.

You can also set a brand logo. This image will be displayed when the document is used in combination with a specific page component.

Finally you can enter SEO input for search engine indexing as you would on a landing page or in other types of content documents.

Brand articles can be reached by using a link but are usually presented to website visitors through a landing page component. You can either use the 'Brand collection' or the 'Brand list' component for this purpose. More information on these landing page components can be found here. Below is an example of the Brand collection component. By clicking the specific brands you can reach the actual blog content pages.