Usage of components on content pages

list of components available for usage in content documents

The usage of components on content pages differs from the usage of components on landing pages. When working with a landing page you can drag and drop components onto the page as you see fit. When working with content pages the component is added directly to the content document. The document you create is the source of content for the page to be displayed.

Another important difference is that you cannot edit the component directly from within the channel manager as you would on a landing page. Instead you have to edit the content document to change the specific component. 

Use the text fields to write content for the page, for example an article about a campaign. Use the Content section at the bottom of the document to select the component you want to display on the content page. After selecting a component a configuration menu will appear. Use the menu to select the content you want to use for the component.

Below is a list of components available for usage in a content document. Click on a link to see an example content page displaying the component.

  • Accordion
  • Banner
  • Banner collection
  • Blog collection
  • Carousel
  • FAQ list
  • IFrame
  • Link list
  • Recommended products
  • Rich text content
  • Video component
  • Widget