Create or edit a content page

URL name: content-pages

The content-pages folder should not be renamed or deleted.

Content documents can be created in this folder. Once a document is published it will instantly become available in the website under the path you've entered in URL name.
If your cookies document has an URL name "cookies" it can be found on the website under "/cookies".

Sub content pages

As an editor you can create folders within the content-pages folders to create sub content pages.

For example if you want to create a page with URL path "/about-us/vision", you must first create a folder with URL name "about-us" and within that folder you can create a content document with URL name "vision".

Now what about the url path "/about-us"? This is pointing to a folder and will result in a 404 response. To create content for this page you can choose 1 of 2 options.

1. create a content document with URL name "index" within the "about-us" folder
2. or create an "about-us" page in the channel manager

Choose the 2nd option when you require the page to be of a landing page type.