Create new landing page

The term landing pages is used for pages that can only be created and edited through the "channel manager". These pages have containers in which you can place components. 

To create a new landing page, within the channel manager you can click on 'Page > New'.

In the configuration dialogue you can enter the following information:

  • Page title: enter the title for the page
  • URL: select which URL should be the parent of your new page
  • Last element: this will be the last part of the URL for your new page
  • Page template: select one of the available page templates

Page templates

Different page templates exist to be able to create pages with different layouts and/or purpose. Currently only one page template exists.

Standard page

The standard page templates will give you a page with a header and footer and one container to fill up with components. The SEO component will automatically be added upon creating the new page.


Components can be placed on the landing pages. A configuration dialogue can be opened by clicking on the component after it is placed in the container. A full guide on landing page components and how to configure them can be found here.

The ordering of components that have already been placed can be changed by dragging a component to the desired place on the page and dropping it. Click the component toggle button in the top right corner of the page to switch between interacting with the page content and configuring and interacting with the components. 

For most components a link to a specific document needs to made. These documents can be created in the Content section of the CMS. As an editor you are free to create new folders and place the documents where you see fit. It's recommended to create a folder/document structure that is logical so it will be easy to identify where documents are located. For example, when documents need to be be reused throughout the website you can create the documents in the "common" folder. When documents are specific to a certain page you can create a new folder, for instance "Homepage", and place the specific documents in that folder.