Static pages

In the project there are some pages that cannot be created or altered and will always exist. However you will be able to change the content for these pages through the channel manager.


The homepage is similar to the standard pages.

Stores page

The main content is generated by frontend code, but there is a top and a bottom container in which content can be added.

Book appointment page

The main content is generated by frontend code, but there is a top and bottom container in which content can be added.

Cart page

The main content is generated by frontend code, but there is a top and bottom container in which content can be added.

Product category pages

The product category pages do not differ from the standard pages, except that they play an important role in defining the URL's to product detail pages.

Let's take a closer look at the sunglasses product type for example. Typically we would create a standard page with an URL like "/sunglasses" where you would find all types of sunglasses. In the same way we could also create subcategory pages like "/sunglasses/men" where sunglasses for men can be found. When we look at the URLs for the product detail pages on both category pages they should start with "/sunglasses/..." and never with "sunglasses/men/...". This is configured by setting up product routes.

Filter by query parameters

It is possible to enable filters for a product catalog page by adding query parameters in the URL. For example "/sunglasses?brand=Seen" will enable the brand filter and only show sunglasses of the brand 'Seen'. This is used in cases where you don't want to create a product category page specific for a brand, but still want to create a link to an overview filtered for a specific brand.

Like some links in the main menu.

Product detail pages

Product detail pages cannot be created in the CMS, but there are top and bottom containers to which content can be added. Navigate within the channel manager to a product detail page to edit its content.

An important note here is that there are several types of product detail pages. As many as there are product types (i.e. sunglasses, frames, contact lenses). The editable content will be the same per type of product detail page.

For example: if a banner is placed in the top container for a product detail page of type sunglasses, then all the detail pages for sunglasses will show that same banner. But it won't be shown on the product detail pages for frames or contact-lenses.

Base product detail document

In addition to the available containers (top and bottom) on the de product detail pages, you can configure a "Base product detail document" per product type. This document can be used to configure the product detail page per product type even further. It mainly concerns details that do not belong in the top or bottom container like additional USPs.

Base product detail document: Naming convention

There can only exist 1 "Base product detail document" per product type and it must be placed in the following content folder: "product-pages/base-configurations".

The names for the documents should be:

  • sunglasses: for sunglasses product type
  • frames: for frames product type
  • contact-lenses: for contact-lenses product type