Blog list

General usage: use this component to display an overview of blog articles

Component name in Channel: Blog overview

Specification: use the checkbox in a blog article to 'highlight' it. The most recently highlighted blog article will be shown as a banner above the list of articles. The most recent blog article will be highlighted when no article has been set as highlighted.


  • Template: the template Blog List must be selected
  • Title: set a title for the blog list (optional)
  • Document type: Blog article should be selected
  • Document path: select the content folder where the blog articles are stored
  • Show pagination: keep unchecked. It won't have any effect when checked
  • Page size: enter the number of articles that should be shown on initial load of the page. An extra batch of articles will be loaded when the 'show more' button is pressed. The batch size of these extra pages will be the same as the page size
  • Sort order: set to either Ascending or Descending. The articles will be sorted based on the Sort Field
  • Sort field: currently the articles can only be sorted by Publish date
  • Filtering: the available set of articles (based on the selected folder in the Document path) can be filtered by their category. No filtering will be done when this is left empty. Only "Lifestyle" articles will be shown when the filter is set to "lifestyle". "Lifestyle" and "Visual health" articles will be shown when the filter is set to "lifestyle, visual-health".

Example component below: